Monument Station Display

April 19, 2022  
On Display

Here in Logan County, Kansas we tell the story of the “Legendary Hunt” that took place in the spring of 1868 between Bill Cody and Bill Comstock where William F. Cody thereafter became forever known as “Buffalo Bill”.  Our lobby features Buffalo Bill with our favorite bison – Fred. This is […]

2019 Giant Clam Shell Display

  Giant Clam Shell Fossil on loan from Keystone Gallery
This fossil was found, collected and prepared by Chuck Bonner, Keystone Gallery.   

Plateceramus (pla- tee-ser’-a-mus) clams are covered with small fossil oysters, ostrea congesta. Since the ancient inland sea was silt covered, the oysters used the large clams as a stable attachment surface.

This beautiful clam […]

On Permanent Display

Permanent Displays
Sheridan, End of the Track – Lobby Display
Oil by artist Chuck Bonner, Keystone Gallery.  Read the story about the 1868 “wickedest town in the west”: Sheridan-Lawless City of the Plains (from the Kansas Territorial magazine).  Listen to the Story “Hidden History – The Ghost Town of Sheridan Kansas 1868”.     
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West […]

Annie Oakley Comes to Life at the BBCC on July 26th

July 26, 2016 

Tuesday, July 26th   5:30 – 7:30 pm
The Buffalo Bill Cultural Center / 3083 US Hwy 83 / Oakley, Kansas
We are excited to host  author and Interactive Public Speaker, Charlotte Endorf as she presents Annie Oakley -“Always On Target”.  Her presentation will include a book signing of her newly released piece. The […]

Oakley Corn Maze is Open!

September 2015


Our first corn maze is completed and ready for you, your family, school group or community club to take to the paths. Landowners Gary and Raelene Keller planted the corn for the maze at the site of the […]

April 2015 – Hometown Teams – Oakley Shucks!

April 2015
Hometown Teams Partner Exhibit – Schedule of Events – March 27 – May 3, 2015
March 27 – May 3 – Exhibit – Kansas State Cornhusking; “Harvesting” the Spirit of Athletic Competition at the Buffalo Bill Cultural Center.   Exhibit includes a photo collage of cornhusking contests of the past and present, a photo display […]

October 2014, Still Shuckin’ After All These Years

Shuckin’ back …. Did you know?

  Competitive cornhusking in the 1920’s and 30’s was a spectator sport drawing crowds of up to 100,000.
 The sport, often call the “Battle of the Bangboards” was dubbed the “fastest growing spectator sport in the world” by Time Magazine.
  Kansas joined Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska […]

Tribute to the Bison – Display 2014

January – March 2014 
Tribute to the Bison:                                                                    
Display features bison skull, teeth, horn caps and dried hide.
Informative panels tells a bit […]

October-November 2013

October/November 2013
Ode to Corn Husking & the Rural Pioneer Life
In October it’s all about the past. We are the host of the 42nd Annual Kansas State Corn Husking Contest on Saturday the 12th. In honor of the event, for the month of October, we are displaying “All is Corn”. We invite you to come […]

September 2013 – On Display

September 2013
Artist of the Month
Photography by Roxie Yonkey, Goodland, Kansas

Monument Rocks; fall foliage; Kansas agriculture; wildlife; rural scenes in and around Northwest Kansas and Utah’s national parks. Images are matted and framed. Some are available as matted prints. All images are for sale.    
Photo note cards with envelopes are available in the […]