February 1 – March 31, 2023

The Buffalo Bill Cultural Center is hosting a scavenger hunt.  This is a great way for your family to explore our area museums and attractions.  It’s free to participate.  Just pick up your scavenger booklet at the cultural center and complete your hunt by March 31st.  Visit at least five of the locations, complete the task or activity, and return your completed booklet to receive your prizes. Rules and places you will visit are below.   You will get a stamp at each location (except Little Jerusalem) when you finish your task.

scavenger hunt Scavenger hunt locations

Here are the prizes – Complete 5 and your family receives the Fossil Collection and the Fossil Freeway map (1 each per family).   The map folds out to 50 inch by 39 inch map that shows the fossils/dinosaurs found in each state.   Complete all 7 and get the 1,000 Facts About Dinosaurs book (hard back), packed with pictures and facts about dinosaurs, fossils and prehistoric life.

Fossil Collection Fossil Freeway May Dinosaur fun facts