Welcome to the Western Vistas Historic Byway


Western Vistas MapWhere in the world can you….

… scuff your foot into the prairie sod and discover a fossilized shark’s tooth, whose original owner hunted in a strange primordial sea?

… gaze on an early Indian pueblo, far to the north of its southwestern cousins?

… follow an ancient road once traveled by buffalo hunters, gold-seekers, stagecoaches, steam engines, and now SUVs?

…trace the trails of Buffalo Bill, George Armstrong Custer, Wild Bill Hickok, Fred Harvey, Calamity Jane, and the Buffalo Soldiers?

 Why, only 1 place in the world………
Welcome to the Western Vistas Historic Byway

102 miles of natural and human history – a perfect package for you to open, all wrapped up in a variety of landscapes and seasonal beauty. 

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