Sept 2019

Oakley Corn Maze Open!

The Corn Maze at the Buffalo Bill Cultural Center is open daily from dawn till dusk.  Come and bring the whole family.

donation boxThe maze is located in the cornfield just north of the sculpture.  Enter under the big archway.  The maze is free, but a clever corn ear donation box will readily accept your donation.


corn maze entry


We have 8 Corn Fun Facts to help you guide your way through the maze.  Find all 8 in order and you will have successfully made it through to the exit and learned a bit about one of our main Kansas crops.

  Corn Maze Welcome panel

If you hit a dead end, you will meet Mr. Shucks and need to try another path.  Have fun, be safe.   Watch your step, there’s corn stubble!  No running through the maze.  

We encourage you to take time to visit our sculpture up close and come on in to the cultural center.  We have interactive displays for the kids and a great gift shop for souvenirs, books, t-shirts and unique gifts for people of all ages.

  Buffalo Bill Bronze


Special thanks to American Implement of Oakley for cutting our maze!

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