June 2016

November will be the fourth anniversary for the Buffalo Bill Cultural Center.  As a visitor center our primary focus is the visitor.  Sharing the history of our sculpture, promoting Oakley, the Western Vistas Historic Byway and the state of Kansas is why we are here.   In 2015, we had over 10,000 visitors stop to see our sculpture.  In addition, last year the event center hosted nearly 14,000 people attending meetings, conventions, weddings and parties.

As most of the community is aware, the center also hosts three annual events; Kansas Day in January for the area schools, Wild Water Day in July for the community and the Corn Festival in October.  The center has been the site of the Kansas State Cornhusking Contest for several years and the expanded festival offers more activities both inside and out.  We appreciate the tremendous amount of community support we have received for these events.  With little to no financial resources available to host our own events, fundraising and obtaining community support and volunteers is a must.  The Kansas Day Celebration and the Corn Festival directly fulfill our mission to engage visitors in our history and culture.  At this time, the board of directors have elected to discontinue hosting the Wild Water Day.   We have reached out to several organizations, but are unable to find another group to take the event on.  If an organization, business or community member would like to coordinate Wild Water Day, please contact us as we are willing to continue to offer our site for the event.

As a final note, we have said good-bye to Kylee Buzzell, who has left us to pursue another career opportunity.  She was the wind behind the Wild Water Day and is responsible for our now regular and successful, 3 pm coffee group.  She did a great job. Though she will be missed, we will still see her often as she continues to support our mission.  We are excited to welcome Michele Hockersmith as our new Director on June 21st.  Michele will be a great asset to the center.  Please stop out for coffee and wish Michele well.

Thanks to all for your support!