We’re looking forward to another great Kansas Day on Friday January 29th!

Planning and preparing for our third annual Kansas Day program is in full swing at the cultural center.  This year, our “Welcome to The Wild West” program will take K-8th grade area students back in time to the 1860’s when Kansas became a state to see what it was like here on the plains of western Kansas.  During the 80 minute program, students will encounter the wildlife, people and those who traveled the Smoky Hill Trail and along the route of the Union Pacific Railroad.  They will learn about the town of Sheridan – one of the most dangerous towns of the time, and Butterfield’s Overland Despatch – the quickest, but most dangerous route through Kansas to Denver…and gold.  Military protection will be provided by the soldiers at Fort Wallace and, at the end of their journey, a chuck wagon snack will be served.  To schedule your class, call Kylee Buzzell at 671-1000.  Community members or businesses who would like to help support this program through sponsorship may also contact Kylee.

A 2:30 program time has been set aside for community members who would like to attend the program.  Call Kylee to reserve your spot.  Space is limited.

We had over 700 students and teachers last year and hope to accommodate all the schools again this year.  If you would like to attend, please respond as early as possible to ensure we’re able to schedule a time to accommodate your group.

What to Expect:

There will be 4 sessions each lasting 20 minutes.  Teachers and parents should plan to help with keeping students focused on the speaker and activity.
Session 1:  Lobby Welcome – Coming to Kansas- The Railroad & the Wild West town of Sheridan
Session 2: Room 1 – Along the Smoky Hill Trail – Who was traveling the trail and why?
Session 3: Room 2 – Forts & Soldiers – Fort Wallace – Protectors of the trail
Session 4: Room 3 – The Chuckwagon makes a stop for a snack on the cattle trail – Biscuits & Jam


Check-in begins at 8:40am. Please be prompt as we would hate to have to cut one of your sessions short to stay on schedule.  If you would like to take your group up to the Buffalo Bill Bronze Sculpture it will be before or after your 80 minutes of scheduled sessions.  There will also be an opportunity for class photos with the military soldiers assisting with “protection”.

While you’re in Oakley we would encourage groups to reach out to the Fick Fossil Museum and incorporate a trip through the museum as well! 785-671-4839

Please contact me at the Buffalo Bill Cultural Center at 785-671-1000 or via e-mail at events@buffalobilloakley.org.

Kylee Buzzell